Much More Than Just a Rope

Loop design creates endless possibilities
Create fixed grips, snares, locks or join
two Runlock together in an instant.

The innovative tool for the active person

Runlock is an innovative, revolutionary and indispensable tool. 

The perfect combination of strength, flexibility and durability. 

The unique design makes everything from strapping down gear to using as a clothesline to towing a fast and easy task without hasle! 

Runlock is fully adjustable, multifunctional, never tangles and knotless!

Simply much more than just a rope!

So what is Runlock?

Swedish product of highest quality. Trusted brand since 1983 In Europe. Manufactured under strict quality control to ensure world class quality and reliability

100% Braided polyester silk, two strands that run parallel to each other and braided at Intervals to form loops.

No knots needed! No jamming, come untied or come loose. Runlock is about quick locks that anyone can learn in just minutes!

Strong and durable full strength in the first loop and retains its full strength in all situations!

Built in stretch! minimizes the risk for snatching back or breaking! Tie your gear down with force!

Ingenious loop design! Create fixed grips, snares, locks or join two ropes together in an instant! Endless possibilities and application areas!

Made for harsh environments! Will not expand in water. Strong resistance against saltwater, uv light and petroleum products!

Light, soft and pliable! Will not scratch your gear or leave marks. Easy to carry and extremely comfortable to handle!

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Born and Raised in the Cold North

In Dalsland, Sweden, in the North part of Europe the winters are harsh and the environment stunningly beautiful.

People here live an active outdoor life, close to the elements.

The need for tools and equipment that can tackle and withstand the harsh conditions is crucial for survival. 

Compromises in quality are not an option, and simplicity and usability is highly valued.

In this environment the Runlock concept was born and implemented as a innovative tool for hunting and working in extreme conditions.

Today Runlock has developed into a highly versatile tool for people all over the world.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever your passion is, Runlock is made for you.

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